Project Partners


Inova Consultancy, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Inova Consultancy provides a flexible consultancy service that responds to the needs of organisations and individuals internationally in the areas of diversity, equal opportunities and entrepreneurship. Inova’s team has specialist experience and a proven track record in the management of European and national funded projects in fields related to enterprise and personal development, mentoring and coaching. Inova focuses on working with disadvantaged groups e.g. women over 50 years old and the unemployed.

Inova represents WITEC, the European association for Women in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology). Inova has benefited from the knowledge and expertise of more than 20 years of experience in the delivery of gender programmes across Europe. Inova has also developed personal development/soft skills development workshops and developed the innovative training methodology of Mentoring Circles™, which have been proven to support a variety of target groups including +50 years women entrepreneurs and women exploring the idea of setting up a business. Inova has good links with relevant organisations to recruit relevant learners and disseminate project results to stakeholders. Inova’s employees and associates combine experience and qualifications in organisational development, psychology, mentoring and coaching. Inova has participated in several informal adult education learning EC projects aiming to integrate and learn from others across Europe about training and learning interventions for women, especially those facing double disadvantage.

Inova is based in Sheffield in South Yorkshire within the UK – a region facing disadvantage in the labour market where a third of the population in Sheffield are over 50 and unemployment for this group has increased by 14% between 2011 and 2012.






SCIENTER CID is a research, consulting and services organisation, active in the field of adult education and training since 1999. Based in Andalucia, the region with the highest unemployment in EU (30.4%) & 40% of people over 45 years, Scienter works with adults facing social exclusion, building skills and competences for personal & professional development.

SCIENTER CID includes its main partners: SCIENTER in Bologna (Italy) with more than 23 years of relevant experience in the design and implementation of EU projects, the University of Granada, the University Enterprise Foundation of the University of Granada and our main international partners: Menon Network, The EFQUEL Association and the Orion Association for Latin America and the Caribbean.

SCIENTER CID is interested in innovation of training systems, with main reference to the field of Open and Distance Learning, Organisational Learning, Lifelong Learning, use of Information and
Communication Technologies in different fields such as Higher Education, Vocational Training, Professional Guidance, Local Development and Social Inclusion.

Scienter is experienced in action research and training with disadvantaged groups and particularly with seniors (namely the HISTORY project). We are also coordinating a LdV TOI in Spain (ADEPTT) focusing on training teachers in entrepreneurial skills and participate in another TOI in Bulgaria (mENTERing: 2011 – EAC/49/10) coordinating the training manual to train VET teachers to become mentors of students that aim to become entrepreneurs. Scienter CID is therefore experienced in working on informal learning projects with adult learners, focused on those facing potential exclusion  from the labour market e.g. seniors, women.




New Technologies and Learning in Europe (NTL), Erlangen, Germany

New Technologies and Learning in Europe (NTL Europe; supports the use of new technologies to innovate learning experiences for individuals, groups and institutions, to transform educational institutions and the development processes for competences. NTL supports research in the fields above, particularly in systemic innovation in adult education, disseminates results of research, facilitates communities of practice, co-operation, analysis and transfer of good practice, organizes and animates real and virtual meetings and participates in projects focused on learning systems and educational policies. To strengthen and speed up restructuring and innovation processes in Adult Education, HE, VET and the school system with a LLL perspective, NTL supports educational progress and innovation by the inclusion of all areas of key competences in a learner- centred approach.

NTL e.V. closely cooperates with: the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, particularly its Innovation in Learning Institute (FIM NewLearning); other research centres on regional, national and European level; non profit organizations; EEIGs in the field; ministries; NGOs; and developers. NTL also has links with regional senior organisations e.g. CNN+, SEN and the largest national senior network in Germany Bagso (with 13 million members).

Main lines of NTL Research & Development (R&D) include action research as well as the development of systems for e-Inclusion, Digital Divides and hard-to-reach persons and persons-at-risk of social exclusion. NTL works on intergenerational and later life learning, working extensively with this target group on EU projects. Web 2.0 and Social Software; user needs analyses; systems for ICT in formal, non-formal and informal Education & Training; and e-learning knowledge will be shared with TEAL partners in terms of engaging older learners in making the transition to enterprise by using relevant ICT tools and methods.