3rd Workshop: e-Inclusion

The 3rd TEAL Workshop entitled ‘E-Inclusion for Older Learners & Enterprise Learning. Positive Interventions for Engaging Older Learners – German Perspective’
took place on 16 April 2015 in Erlangen (Germany).


Life transitions are challenging because they force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a feeling of vulnerability. Most life transitions begin with a string of losses: The loss of a role; person; place or sense of where you ‘fit’ in the world. TEAL (Transitions into Enterprise for Adult Learners) responds to these challenges which all partners (UK, Spain, Germany) face by providing adult learners with new pathways to reengage with learning and improve their knowledge and competences to consider making a transition into enterprise e.g. from unemployment or redundancy.

After a short ice-breaking session and a round of introductory statements from the participants the 3rd Workshop of TEAL continued with round of presentations in which the participants had the opportunity to tell their story regarding ‘life transitions’. This exercise was regarded as very enriching and a good starting point to better understand the origins and challenges of transitions for older learners.

As an introduction to the first part of the workshop the German perspective was taken as a starting point to the intergenerational perspective debate around ‘E-inclusion for Intergenerational-Inclusion’ and ‘Intergenerational Inclusion for E-Inclusion’. The main issues were the accelerating demographic change in Germany; the decreasing employment rates of people between 50 and 64; a lack of rewarding mechanisms and the prevailing gap between policies and reality.

After an alfresco lunch in the beer garden of the cultural centre E-Werk the second part of the workshop started with a hands-on and practical presentation entitled ‘Taking Your Business Online’ including aspects such as how to create a website, develop a social media plan and create a customer database and mailing list. Thanks to this workshop the participants got a better idea of how to take their business online in a few steps that can be easily implemented without paying for a professional service.

Finally the workshop concluded with an interactive session on ‘Lessons Learned: The European Perspective’ analysing differences and similarities, cross-national synergies and problems shared as well as priority recommendations for e-Inclusion, for example, the role of technology in positive interventions for engaging older learners.

A rapid growth in the older segment of the population can be observed across the Europe, thus it is in the public interest to get older people interested in contributing to society. Initiatives such as FEMALE (UK), Best Agers (DE) or Memoro (ES) are great examples for positive interventions that promote and facilitate old citizenship across Europe.

Please find here the Agenda and the Minutes of the 3rd Workshop.

Access here the Presentations of the Workshop:

E-Inclusion for Intergenerational-Inclusion / Intergenerational-Inclusion for E-Inclusion

Social Media Strategy Checklist (by alexisgrant.com)

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