2nd Workshop: Mentoring I

The 2nd TEAL Workshop entitled ‘Mentoring & Coaching to Support Older Learners through Transition into Enterprise. Positive Interventions for Engaging Older Learners – UK Perspective’ took place on 10 July 2014 in Sheffield (UK).

Life transitions are challenging because they force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a feeling of vulnerability. Most life transitions begin with a string of losses: The loss of a role; person; place or sense of where you ‘fit’ in the world. TEAL (Transitions into Enterprise for Adult Learners) responds to these challenges which all partners (UK, Spain, Germany) face by providing adult learners with new pathways to reengage with learning and improve their knowledge and competences to consider making a transition into enterprise e.g. from unemployment or redundancy.

The 2nd Workshop of TEAL started again with a little ice-breaking exercise in order to get to know each other better and to stimulate interaction.

The first part of the workshop got on its way with a short introduction of the situation in the United Kingdom, followed by a presentation on Mentoring and Coaching in which all participants were asked to discuss the importance of mentoring and coaching for both personal and professional development, succeeded by an example of a mentoring tool developed by Inova Consultancy called the Mentoring CirclesTM.

After a lovely lunch, the second part of the Workshop started with the discussion and practice of various mentoring and coaching with exercises such as:

  • Mentor from Hell’ and the ‘Mentee from Hell’ to describe the Don’ts of a mentoring process;
  • Jelly Beans Exercise’ to help prioritise happenings, choices, or ideas in one’s life;
  • Mind Mapping’ to get a clear overview of your ideas;
  • Wheel of Skills’ to assess your strengths and your zone of future development.

Finally, the main subject of the workshop was discussed between participants: one group focussed on ‘Ageing and Entrepreneurship (Challenges and Benefits)’, and the other on ‘Mentoring and Coaching Skills (generally and for older learners)’.

The results of the two Group Discussions were presented and discussed during a Plenary Debate with all participants.

Please find here the Agenda and the Minutes of the 2nd Workshop.

Access here the Presentations of the Workshop:

Introduction to TEAL & Current Situation in the United Kingdom

Mentoring & Coaching – Transformational Change

Have a look to the pictures taken during the 2nd Workshop.

If you would like to listen to the opinions of the participants watch the video of the 2nd Workshop.

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We are looking forward meeting you during the 3rd Workshop of TEAL, which will take place in Erlangen in Germany in April 2015!