1st Workshop: Transitions


The 1st TEAL Workshop entitled
‘Older Learners during transitions: Identifying and tackling barriers and Positive Interventions for Engaging Older Learners – Spanish Perspective’
took place on 13 December 2013 in Granada (Spain).

Life transitions are challenging because they force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a feeling of vulnerability. Most life transitions begin with a string of losses: The loss of a role; person; place or sense of where you ‘fit’ in the world. TEAL (Transitions into Enterprise for Adult Learners) responds to these challenges which all partners (UK, Spain, Germany) face by providing adult learners with new pathways to reengage with learning and improve their knowledge and competences to consider making a transition into enterprise e.g. from unemployment or redundancy.

The 1st Workshop of TEAL started with an initial ice-breaking session followed by a round of short presentations of the 22 participants (i.e. learners and members of staff) from the three participating countries.

A short self-reflection about ‘life transitions’ followed, during which all participants were requested to identify their three key transitional moments in life. Two volunteers agreed to present their insights about it. The participants regarded the exercise as “enlightening” and a good starting point to better understand learners aged 50+ in their transitional challenge.

This mind setting exercise was followed by the three main rotating Knowledge Cafés, in which participants were asked to debate, for 30 minutes about the following aspects:

  • Analysis of the current situation;
  • Identification and tackling of barriers;
  • Collecting positive interventions for engaging older learners.

The results of the Knowledge Cafés were presented and discussed during a Plenary Debate with all participants.

The workshop closed with the presentation of a Spanish initiative providing interdisciplinary and intergenerational support to entrepreneurs.

Please find here the Agenda and the Minutes of the 1st Workshop.

Access here the Results of the three Knowledge Cafés here
Knowledge Café (1): Analysis of the current situation
Knowledge Café (2): Identifying and tackling barriers
Knowledge Café (3): Positive interventions for engaging older learners

Have a look to the pictures taken during the 1st Workshop.

If you would like to listen to the opinions about the 1st Workshop please watch to Video Testimonials of selected participants.

English Testimonials from TEAL project on Vimeo.

Spanish Testimonial from TEAL project on Vimeo.

German Testimonial from TEAL project on Vimeo.

We are looking forward meeting you during the 2nd Workshop of TEAL, which will take place in Sheffield in the United Kingdom in July 2014!

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